Speaking Clearly

I just saw a little boy who was delayed starting to talk. Now he is communicating a lot, but he is still having difficulty with sounds and he seems to be saying only one or two words at a time because he has difficulty making himself understood if he says more. Some things that will help him to keep improving his communication are:

  • Talk to him as often as possible. Talk slowly and clearly.
  • Turn off anything that makes noise so he hears you more clearly.
  • Get down to his eye level so he gets more visual and auditory information about how to produce the speech sounds.
  • Talking in front of a mirror may be fun, too!
  • Repeat everything he says, but with the correct sounds. Repeat it slowly.
  • If he says something correctly, add a bit to it. If he says “man,” you can say “Hi, man! Bye, man!” Try to put together words that you  have heard him say correctly.
  • Sometimes he will repeat what you say and keep repeating it as long as you do. This is excellent practice for him sequencing sounds. Keep him going as long as you can!

The most important thing is to have fun, so that he keeps enjoying talking!

I hope this article was helpful! If you have concerns about your child’s speech or language, please contact a Speech-Language Pathologist. If you live in or near Winnipeg, we at SpeechWorks Inc. would be happy to help.

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