Halloween and Language

Holidays make it easy to find something to talk about! If your child has trouble talking, here are some things you can talk about:


Look at photos of costumes. There are lots of costumes online. Talk about what kind of costume your child wants to wear. Will you buy it or make it? Before your child starts talking, point at costumes and name them. “Look! A pumpkin!”

Take turns coming up with different things you could dress up as at Halloween.

Put costumes into categories. Is that a superhero or an animal? You can ask kids to name another item in the category: What’s another superhero costume?

Play a guessing game with Halloween costumes. Describe a costume and see if your child can figure out what the costume is. Then it’s your child’s turn to describe a costume for you to guess. It’s also a lot of fun to play 20 Questions or Guess Who with Halloween costumes.

With older children, you can have a discussion about what makes a good Halloween costume. You can compare two different Halloween costumes, and talk about their similarities and differences. Describe the costumes with words like “scary” or “silly.” Talk about how to make a costume, or about the steps involved in buying a costume. You can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of making your own Halloween costume. You can even discuss what you will do with the money you save by making your Halloween costume! Talk about the kinds of costumes that are best for little kids, and why.

Look at different costumes and talk about how they make you feel.

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