Kids’ and Teens’ Social Groups

We run groups to help kids get along with peers! From quirky kids who don’t pay attention to social cues to kids with diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders, we can help!

Target skills are selected according to individual and group needs, and include language
skills such as balancing talking and listening, paying attention to others, finding shared
interests, making and receiving suggestions and compromising. We also work on thinking
flexibly, self-advocacy, sensory integration, emotional regulation, self-awareness and
independence. Intervention methods include direct instruction, visual support, discussion
and reflection. Groups are supported by volunteers who provide additional models of expected social interaction, as well as more opportunities to practice with a variety of communication partners.

Click here for the poster for our current group for kids 10 to 14, and here for our upcoming teen group, or see the snapshots of our posters below.

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If you are interested in our workshops for parents and professionals, that information is here.

2 comments on “Kids’ and Teens’ Social Groups”:

  1. Thank you, Stephanie and Jen. Nicholas really enjoys these sessions and it is great to see such a huge improvement in his social skills. A group of us were sitting at dinner the other night, chatting about a meat market. Nicholas never used to seem like he was interested in anything we talked about, but this time he piped up and asked if they had chicken. He listened to the response and continued to participate. It was so wonderful. He listens, participates, and is actively engaged in conversation. He seems a lot more confident these days and we are chalking it up to the sessions. This is really perfect for him!

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